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- Mar. 2017:
Peaceful Border Event: O'odham in Mexico
Against the Border Wall, Wo'osan Gate, Sonora,
 Download Flyer Here

- Aug. 2016: Solidarity Statement from O'odham
Elders and Ceremony Leaders in Support of the
Standing Rock Water Defenders.  
Read the
Statement Here

- Mar. 2016: O'odham cut border fence at San
Miguel Gate south of Sells Arizona that was
restricting traditional route to O'odham lands
south of the US/Mexico border.  
Read more

- Oct. 2015:  Destruction of our Scared Mountain -
We oppose the construction of US Customs and
Border Patrol Department of Homeland Security
IFTs' -
Read more here

- Aug. 2014:  Zapatista Solidarity Event

- Oct. 2013:  Help Support the Yaqui Highway
Bockade in Vicam, Mexico

- July 30, 2013:  PRESS RELEASE – O'odham VOICE
Against the Wall: US Border Patrol Violates
O'odham Rights

- Spring 2013:  Photos O'odham Solidarity Project
Spring Gathering 2013

- Spring 2013:  O'odham Solidarity Project: Voices
on the Border Video II

- Spring 2013:  O'odham Solidarity Project: Voices
on the Border Video I

- Nov. 2012:  International Forum on the Defense
of Water, Vicam Yaqui Pueblo, Mexico. View the
video of a statement by Ofelia Riavs, at the Vicam
Pueblo gathering "
Sacredness of Water." View
Censored News article about the gathering:
Yaqui and Navajo: Theft of water rights is a crime
against humanity

- Oct. 2012:  O'odham Ofelia Rivas video interview
on indigenous rights at the Comca'ac (Seri) sea

- July 2012:  New federal police on sovereign
Tohono O'odham land

- Feb. 2012:  O'odham Sacred Site of Quitovac
once again under threat from US Gold Mining
Company Silver Scott

- Dec. 2011:  Noted academics and authors John
Zerzan, Ward Churchill, and Julian Kunnie will
speak in support of our demand to be free of
occupation.  The event will benefit O'odham
VOICE Against the WALL and the Dry River
Radical Resource Center.
Click Here for Press
Release.  Click here for Poster of the Event.

- June 1, 2011:  Opposition Statement to the
South Mountain Freeway Extension to the Loop
202 ; For the Ancestors and Descendants of O’
odham Lands and
O’odham Sacred Places

- April 2011:  
Traditional Elder Ofelia Rivas to
Speak at the University of Massachusetts
Amherst: "
The Border Crossed Us - A temporary
public art installation by the Institute for Infinitely
Small Things"

- Dec. 20, 2010
"Caught in the Crossfire:  Border Crisis
Threatens Traditional Way of Life for Sovereign
Tohono O'odham Nation,"

-Nov. 2010
Perspectives of Native Struggles:  Ward Churchill
& Ofelia Rivas

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A Voice in the Desert
by Jason Jaacks
Click on the image above to learn more about the wall & its environmental effects
Mar 2012:  Amnesty International Report -
In Hostile Terrain:  Human Rights Violations In
Immigration Enforcement In the US Southwest
Ofelia Rivas, founder of O'odham Rights Cultural and
Environmental Justice Coalition
, and the O'odham VOICE Against
the Wall
, was interviewed for chapter three (Abuses Against
Indigenous Peoples) of the extensive new Amnesty International
report on human rights violations taking place in the border region
between the US and Mexico.

To read the full report please click here:
 In Hostile Terrain Human
Rights Violations In Immigration Enforcement In the US
Jan. 2012 - Green Anarchist Author John Zerzan
Speaks In Support
John Zerzan, a well known writer and philosopher from Eugene,
Oregon, spoke at a benefit event for O'odham Rights and the Dry
River Anarchist Center in Tucson, Arizona, in
December of 2011.

John Zerzan:
 "When you don’t have community, you don’t have
solidarity, you don’t have these ties that hold people together,
social ties, then anything can happen. And anything is happening.
And then the Left wants to talk about its legacy, and they don’t want
to talk about de-Occupy, de-Colonize. They have no interest in
respecting the integrity of indigenous cultures or lifeways or
traditions, the very thing we need to be aware of and that we need
to stand together with. When the elders feel it appropriate to speak
to us, we need to respect that. We need to listen..."

To read the full talk please click here
To view John Zerzan's website please click here
2010 - An Interview With Ofelia Rivas
Earth First Journal:
As a traditional O'odham, Ofelia speaks on behalf of the
Traditional O'odham Leaders, the council of O'odham
communities on the southern O'odham territories, and carries the
words of the ceremonial leaders to unite our common efforts to
stay strong.

She has represented the O'odham as part of La Otra Campaña
and the World People's Summit on Climate Change in
Cochabamba, Bolivia. “These are the places that hold strength,”
she says. “[I] was very fortunate to be at these places.”

Click here to view the entire article
2006 - Immigration, Imperialism and Cultural
Genocide: An Interview with Ofelia Rivas
By Jeff D. Hendricks
"Imperialism – lately this word has been re-entering debate and
speech around the country. For the most part, these days, the word
imperialism is being used to describe the actions of the United
States government as it seeks to gain control over Middle Eastern
governments and economies. The continuing occupation of Iraq by
the United States is the best example of this neo-imperialism.

But imperialism is not limited to lands across the oceans, and the
United States government is currently engaged in the occupation
of lands much closer to home..."

Click here to view the entire interview
2004 - Resistance and Collaboration:
O'odham Responses to U.S. Invasion
By Jeff D. Hendricks
This is a historical study  dealing with O'odham  responses to

It begins with a short overview of Spanish Colonization and moves
through the Mexican Period and into the period of United States
colonial control of the O'odham territory.  

This paper uses United States Indian policy as a lens to view
O'odham history.  The primary purpose of this study is to give a
historical context to O'odham struggles for Tribal Autonomy in the
midst of Colonial occupation and repression.  In addition, this
paper also challenges the progress narrative of "civilization" and
gives many examples of how the historical struggle of the
Traditional O'odham to maintain their autonomy has in fact been a
struggle against "civilization" it-self.

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We Oppose the Construction of Border Patrol Spy
Towers on O'odham Land!

Effects of Integrated Fixed Towers on the Tohono O'odham
Nation (PDF)
Our Way Of Life
By, Ofelia Rivas
The O’odham way of life is based on the land that has held the
remains of our ancestors since the creation of this world. The O’
odham did not migrate from anywhere according to our oral
history.  Our creation tellings record our history and teach the O’
odham the principles of life. The survival of O’odham today is our

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June 1, 2020

Now! Destruction of O'odham sacred mountain. Dine 'My sister is not a number'

April, 2020

Systematic Destruction of Sacred Land Underway on Tohono O'odham Nation for Spy Towers
By Ofelia Rivas, and Published by Censored News
Significant Impact
At The Border
By Caitlin Blanchfield and Nina Valerie Kolowratnik
Significant Impact